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New buildings and properties in Pau

Why choose new real estate?
Modern and bright housing, optimized spaces, no work ... The advantages of the new are multiple! The agency Pierre Conchez Real Estate explains why buying in the new is a good idea.

For comfort and safety
By buying an apartment or a new house, you choose a property at the forefront of modernity. Each home offers state-of-the-art equipment and well-appointed spaces, and generally benefits from large openings for better brightness. Exterior surfaces - balconies, loggias, terraces or private gardens - as well as common areas offer a high level of quality for optimal comfort. You enjoy quality equipment, especially in terms of safety (last model elevator, Vigik® system, digital code, videophone, landing doors, automatic lighting of common areas, secure parking access ...).
To acquire a housing adapted to your needs
You realize your acquisition on plan. This is referred to as an off-plan sale (Future Sale Completion). This means that from the moment you sign your deed at the notary, the seller transfers you his rights on the ground as well as the ownership of the existing constructions. The parts not yet built become your property as and when they are executed; you pay the price as the work progresses according to a schedule of calls for funds included in the bill of sale.
The off-plan purchase usually leaves you the possibility of customizing your future home if the progress of the work allows it and respecting the standards and regulations in force. For example, you can change the partitioning, replace a bath with a shower, add a closet, a power outlet ... You can of course choose your bathroom decoration and / or bathroom among a wide choice of tiling and earthenware and washbasin furniture, or decide the color and method of laying your floor.
To be protected and save money
New real estate offers you the guarantee of holding a property that meets the latest standards in force, including thermal. The new programs are all labeled BBC (Low Consumption Building) or RT 2012 (latest thermal standard in force), which allows you to achieve significant energy savings compared to buildings built in previous decades.
In addition, the purchase in the new is covered by 3 mandatory guarantees that will save you all important work for many years:
The guarantee of perfect completion, which protects you for 1 year against defects that are not subject to normal wear and tear
The biennial guarantee, which guarantees for 2 years the repair or the replacement of the separable elements of the construction (taps, radiators, shutters ...)
The ten-year guarantee, covering for 10 years the damages of the structure of the construction
That's not all ! The nine has other advantages allowing you to reduce the cost of your property purchase: reduced notary fees (2 to 3% against 7 to 8% in the old), the exemption of the communal share of the property tax for two years in most municipalities or VAT reduced to 5.5% instead of 20% in eligible areas. The condominium fees will also be lower than in the former since there will be no major work to provide.
To enjoy the benefits of the PTZ and the Pinel law
For your principal residence, the State has set up several devices to help you acquire your new home. The Zero-Interest Loan (PTZ) represents a significant financial assistance to promote the homeownership of first-time buyers (people who have not yet had a principal residence or who have not owned it for at least two years) .
For a rental investment, you can benefit from tax reductions of up to 21% of the amount of your purchase, up to € 63,000 reduction, under the Pinel law (investment capped at € 300,000) / year).
To make your project a reality with a recognized partner
Realize your real estate project without stress! The agency Pierre Conchez Real Estate guides you through the various stages of your real estate purchase to help you become the owner of your principal residence or rental investment.
To buy a new property is to call on a trusted professional, with recognized know-how, with over 15 years of experience in real estate transactions. For each of our real estate programs, we surround ourselves with talented professionals to offer you high quality goods, and ensure a thorough follow-up throughout the execution of the work.